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, the new nsa documents. they are -- their spy something worse than we ever knew they have read our emails and listened to our phone calls thousands of times a year. simple mistakes or a pattern of abuse. tonight, the latest leak about the nsa. and, a paralimp i don't paraolympian denied a chance because she could walk again some day. >> i didn't expect this at all. it's pretty shocking. >> they landed her a loss tonight before she could even get in the game. still, this teenager isn't finished with her fight. plus, it's been cloaked in mystery since its creation. >> welcome to area 51. >> now the cia decleafs documents that show what really went on at area 51. why are some sections still a secret? and that is first from fox this friday night. no little green men. no flying saucers. but after decades of denying that area 51 exists now an admission. the documents prove it is very real. but the conspiracy theories are going nowhere. not by a long shot. area 51 is the then secret base in the middle of the nevada desert. about 90 miles north of vegas. the documents that the cia just declassifi
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spying on the united nations. according to documents, nsa leaker ed snowden gave to germany's der spiegel magazine the national security agency hacked into the u.n.'s closed video feed. that let agents tap into meetings private diplomats. the documents claim that the nsa bugged the european union offices in d.c. and even hacked into its computer network. catherine herridge with the news live from d.c. now. catherine, what more are you learning about this? >> well, thank you, jon, according to the new nsa documents the national security agency not only infiltrated but cracked the code of the u.n. internal video conferencing network leading to it a significant jump in the nsa's intelligence reporting on the u.n. body. today a u.n. spokesman saying the reported bugging violates international agreements. >> the viability of diplomatic missions including the united nations and other international missions whose functions are protected by the relevant international conventions like the vienna convention has been well established international law. >> der spiegel also reporting that the nsa surv
absolutely nothing to do with terrorism. didn't each think they did. what the nsa did about it and how it effects all of our privacy, what's left of it coming up. plus, should the feds get to search through your smart phone without a warrant in the justice department is now asking the supreme court to rule that legal. that's all coming up from the journalists of fox news on this wednesday fox report. rgy. natural energy from green tea plus fruits and veggies. need a little kick? ooh! could've had a v8. in the juice aisle. need a little kick? ooh! for a strong bag that grips the can... ♪ get glad forceflex. small change, big difference. reinforced with scratch- resistant glass and a unibody made kevlar strong. okay google now. call my droid. the new droid ultra by motorola. when strength matters, droid does. the most free research reports, customizable charts, powerful screening tools, and guaranteed 1-second trades. and at the center of it all is a surprisingly low price -- just $7.95. in fact, fidelity gives you lower trade commissions than schwab, td ameritrade, and etrade. i'm mon
a seat. >> president obama answering questions on a wide range of topics, on the nsa surveillance. >> america is not interested in spying on ordinary people. >> and some changes ahead. >> i will work with congress to pursue appropriate reforms. >> on our relationship with russia. >> i don't have a bad personal relationship with putin. >> on ed snowden himself. >> i don't think mr. snowden was a patriot. >> and on obama care. >> the one unifying principle in the republican party at the moment is making sure that 30 million people don't have health care. >> tonight, q&a at the white house. and we'll get to that. but first from fox this friday night, a teenage girl at the center of a kidnap case is alive and in good health. that's the word from somebody who reported seeing her with the suspected kidnapper. investigators have also now found his suspect's car. and they say there is no evidence that the suspect is holding her against her will. the girl's name is hannah anderson. she's 16. investigators say 40-year-old james dimaggio kidnapped her after a fire at his house east of san di
suspects. he says it's a response to last week's "the washington post" report that the nsa broke the law or privacy rules thousands of times per year for the past five years. the "the washington post" reports that's according to an nsa audit that the paper got a former intelligence contractor named ed snowden. the post reports most of the violations involved unauthorized surveillance of americans or foreigners here in the united states. last week an nsa official says it always gets to the bottom of any mistakes it made. now there is word british documents demanded from another newspaper who broke the news of the snowden leaks. catherine herridge is live in our d.c. newsroom to pick up the story from there. catherine? >> shep, the guardian senator says british authorities wanted the nsa documents handed over or destroyed with the paper facing legal action if it didn't cooperate. hard drives were then destroyed under the supervision of british authorities with this photo posted on the newspaper's web site but other copies exist. they threatened us with restraint they were going to get all
edward snowden case with former nsa director michael will hayden and republican congressman justin amaush and an exclusive interview with house majority leader eric cantor over the coming battle of the budget. fox news sunday, we'll see you then. >>> this is a fox report. tonight, a potential witness in the whitety bulger mob trial turns up dead. now prosecutors say he was murdered. death by poisoned coffee. and the al qaeda terror threat targeting u.s. citizens in the places you see on this world mab. officials now will calling it credible and serious. embassies and consulates closed. a worldwide travel alert for all americans. and quick reaction forces moved into position. >> when information surfaces that shows that our personnel are at risk, we should act on that information. >> we are protecting our folks. >> fox reports the threat, the preparations and what you need to know. he's an army captain and part-time investigator, tracking down military medals and returning them to their rightful owners. >> i'll find the item and then i'll see if it's traceable to a specific veteran.
. the 20 pieces of legislation are now being considered to reign in the nsa. adding to the sign the white house has lost credibility. >> think have been saying one thing publicly to congress and the courts. it turns turns out that quite another thing has been taking place behind closed doors. >> the nsa supporters say the thousands of violations are are simply a fraction of the overall data and they were reported in an effort to correct them, shep. >> shepard: catherine herridge, thank you. prosecutors in the bradley manning wikileaks case have requested that a judge sentence the army private to 60 years behind bars. even though he faces up to 90. the prosecutor does d. not say why the -- the prosecutors are not asking for the maximum punishment. bradley manning is the army private who a jury convicted of leaking more than 700,000 classified documents to wikileaks back in 2010. the defense has asked forever 25 years. the sentence could come as soon as tomorrow. no matter how much you want to watch your favorite television show, if your cable goes out, don't call the police. seems that's w
budget, which the nsa leaker edward snowden gave to the "the washington post." the budget contains all sorts of information that's never been made public before how much spy agencies are spending and where all that money is going. u.s. intelligence agents keep tabs on enemies bells allies, rush sharks cuba, iran and israel all listed as priority targets for counter intelligence operations areas critical gaps in our nation's intelligence. mike emanuel with the news live for us in washington tonight. mike, what else is in this top secret spy toght document? >> harris, it's a 52.6 billion-dollar budget which includes the 16 intelligence agencies includes 107,035 employees. the cia -- covert action programs which includes those drones and it reveals u.s. surveillance is all around north korea. house intelligence chairman mike rogers is not amused. this is now public. quote, disclosures of our capabilities and programs jeopardize the efforts of the american men and women in the intelligence community who have dedicated themselves to protecting american lives and interests. insiders say the
with congress today to talk about ways to build confidence in the nsa data mining programs that snowden exposed. haste? wedged, thank you. the internal revenue service cannot be trusted to implement obama's healthcare law. the recent scandal over the agency's targeting of political groups, specifically conservative. some of those republicans on capitol hill today told the acting head of the irs dannyer with fell they are concerned the agency might leak private taxpayer information that it would receive under the law. every precaution from implements or enforcing any aspect. 40th attempt by the house republicans to repeal all or part of the president's signature piece of legislation mime immanuel on capitol hill tonight with this. >> good evening. dave camp talked about the 47 new powers granted to the irs as part of the president's healthcare law at a time when the agency has already been controversial. and camp sounded skeptical that the obama care exchange portion will be ready to go two months from today. >> did i not read the blog post properly that the employer mandate is delayed. >> yes.
because russia gave person temporary asylum to that nsa leaker snowden. a man hunt on now for a guy accused of murdering a woman and kidnapping daughter. the teenager's says knows the suspect very well. that suspect could be headed out of the country. and that's "the fox report's" top five. and on this day in 1942, allied forces launched operation watchtower. the first major u.s. offensive against japan during world war ii. a month earlier the japanese troops had landed on gwatney that canal a small island. they immediately started building an air field. allies began work on a plan to invade the island and gain ground in the south pacific. bad weather grounded scouting planes. they met the shores before the japanese putt up any resistance. intense fighting went on in the jungle for nearly seven months. in the end the japanese would retreat and the allies would take guata can a willal. things heated up in the theater 71 years ago today. and now you know the news for this wednesday, august the 7th, 2013. there are a lot of new bowls coming in. it seems like the acc is loving them. the
security she is expected to talk about nsa surveillance and then in november she 8 be giving a foreign policy speech on america's global standing. sounds like a candidate shep, come on. >> shepard: sounds a lot like one. thank you. the republican national committee is scheduled to start a three day meeting in boston tomorrow. among the scheduled speakers new jersey governor chris christie. the former white house speaker and then fox news contributor newt gingrich and the rnc chairman ryan priebus. that should be interesting. if the home and garden network has taught us anything is that different folks have different ideas about decorating. the guy who lives at the top of this building. look at the top there. he has some ideas that were not sitting very well with the neighbors who live below him. would you look at that? we will show you that presently. [ female announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be diff
cooperating with the nsa, sources tell fox. the u.s. has access to clear signals intelligence that shows the assad regime was involved, according to multiple sources. harris? >> jennifer, thank you. 401(k)s and iras have taken a hit in the past week. the index nosedived on monday following secretary of state hn kerry's announcement that syria did in fact use chemical weapons on its people. today stocks rebounded just a touch. the dow up 48 points. the fox business network's adam shapiro joins me now. adam, the markets are not liking this. for average investors, do you stay in stocks or seek out the so-called safe havens? >> we're average investors. we don't move right now, trying to time the market, you never win. at this point my colleagues would say the smart money, harris, i'd say the big money. they got out the other day, but some came back today. this is a short-term horizon event. >> gold closed down today, and oil closed up. what does that tell us about the reaction among investors? >> when do people go to safe havens, what's safe these days? gold was down 1100.80 in june. it clos
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)

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